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mail forwarding and scanning

mail forwarding and scanning


Our mail forwarding service is perfect for those who need mail and packages sent to them on either a regular basis or upon request. We will package everything up and send it via your preferred shipping method. If you have special needs or requests, let us know and we will customize the service to fit your needs. 

We ship domestically
and internationally!
Mail Forwarding


Recognizing the need for travelers and cruisers to have better access to their mail, Mountainside Mail has created a mail scanning service.

This service includes:

  • Scan your mail for easy access online

  • Deposit checks into your bank account

  • Forward any needed packages/mail to you anywhere in the world

  • And much more – simply tell us what you need


The process:
We will receive your mail at our location. Mountainside Mail will scan your first class envelopes into our file sharing site and handle according to your direction. For example, we are happy to: 

  • Open and scan the contents of the envelope  

  • Forward the envelope 

  • Shred mail (upon your request)

  • Deposit checks


  • Travelers

  • RVers

  • Cruisers/boaters

  • Those working abroad

  • Traveling doctors/nurses

  • Truckers

  • Sno

  • Fisherman

  • Those away from home for extended periods

  • Anyone who doesn't like paper mail

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